WELCOME! I hope we can develop this into a site for announcing open problems, and hopefully in due course also their solutions, and ultimately maybe also other information about interpolation spaces.

You are cordially invited to contribute problems or solutions/comments to problems from previous lists.

Our initial points of reference are:

1. Videotape of problem session at the 1995 Haifa Workshop on Function Spaces, Interpolation Spaces, and Related Topics. I am looking for volunteers to help with transcribing this into readable and emailable format.

2. The problem list on pages 279-294 of “Interpolation Spaces and Related Topics”. Israel Mathematical Conference Proceedings Vol. 5 1992, Bar Ilan University, American Mathematical Society.

3. We can also look at a much older problem list: In 1975 there was a special session on interpolation spaces at an AMS conference in Washington DC. A list of problems from that session was published soon afterwards in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. I will include a page reference to it in due course.

Thanks for your participation.
Michael Cwikel (mcwikel@math.technion.ac.il).