Eduardo Mayer Wolf Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • E. Mayer-Wolf, The Cramér-Rao functional and limiting laws, Ann. of Prob. 18 (1990), 840-850.
  • E. Mayer-Wolf, A central limit theorem in nonlinear filtering, Stochastics and Stochastics Reports,(1991) 35, 191-211.
  • E. Mayer-Wolf, D. Nualart and V. Perez-Abreu, Large deviations for multiple Wiener-Ito integral processes, Séminaire de Probabilités XXVI, eds. J. Azema, P.A. Meyer and M. Yor, L.N. Math. 1526, Springer Verlag (1992), 11-31.
  • E. Mayer-Wolf and Ofer Zeitouni Onsager-Machlup functionals for non trace class SPDE’s, Prob. Th. Rel. Fields 95 (1993), 199-216.
  • E. Mayer-Wolf Preservation of measure continuity under conditioning, J. Func. Anal. 115 (1993) 227-246.
  • V. Bogachev and E. Mayer-Wolf Some remarks on Rademacher’s theorem in infinite dimensions, Potential Anal. 5 (1996) 23-30.
  • E. Mayer-Wolf Covariance inequalities induced by biorthogonal operators, Jour. Func. Anal. 140 (1996) 170-193.