Avi Berman Graduate Students


Graduate Students

  • Ron Aharoni:    1979, Ph.D. “Combinatorial Problems in Matrix Theory”.
  • Ron Adin:   1981, M.Sc. “Extreme Positive Operators on  Minimal and Almost-Minimal Cones”.
  • Daniel Hershkowitz:   1982, Ph.D. “Stable Matrices and Matrices with Nonnegative Principal Minors”.
  • Avital Livne: 1983, M.Sc. “Copositive Matrices”.
  • Ofra Kessler:   1984, M.Sc. “Inverse M-matrices”.
  • Dan Shemesh:  1984, Ph.D. “Commutativity Subspaces”.
  • Ron Irma: 1985, M.Sc. “Multicriteria Decision Problems by Dynamic Programmig”.
  • Dafna Shasha:  1987, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor D. Hershkowitz) “Diagonal Semistability of Matrices”.
  • Natali Kogan: 1989, M.Sc. “Completely Positive Matrices and Completely Positive Graphs”
  • Sarel Kagan: 1991, M.Sc. “Constrained Matrix Scaling”.
  • Naomi Shaked Monderer:  1992, Ph.D. Convex Sets of Positive Semidefinite Matrices”.
  • Natali Kogan: 1993, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor D. Hershkowitz) “Combinatorial Spectral Theory”.
  • Avi B. Sigler: 1994, Ph.D.”Geometric Investigns of  High  School and Pre Service Students”.
  • Mark Krupnik: 1994, Ph.D. Completion Problems in Matrix Theory’.
  • Marina Arab: 1995, M.Sc.”The Extended Linear Complementarity Problem”.
  • Alex Kuperman: 1996, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor N. Movshovitz-Hadar) “Misconceptions in Linear Algebra”.
  • Galit Dremer: 1996, M.Sc.”Seeing Mathematics”.
  • Roza Leikin: 1997, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor O. Zaslavsky) “Symmetry as a Way of Thought”.
  • Amal Sherif Rasslan: 2000,  Ph.D.University Professor as a High School Teacher– a Case Study”.
  • Shmuel Aruchas: 2000, M.Sc. “Mathematical Problems that Can Be Used to Identify Gifted Students”.
  • Nurit Katchalsky: 2002, M.Sc. “The Majority Rule in Graphs”
  • Boris Koichu:  2003, Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor M. Moore) “Senior High School Student’s Heuristic Behaviors in Mathematical Problem Solving”.
  • Sagit Ophrain: 2003, M.Sc. “Final Paper on Teaching Analytic Geometry”.
  • Yulia Bulgaev:  2004, M.Sc. “The Wiener Index of a Graph”.
  • Felix Goldberg:  2004, M.Sc. “Laplacian at Graphs, Quasi-Strongly Regular Graphs, and CompletelyPositive Graphs”.
  • Olga Bortnik: 2004, M.Sc. “Words in Positive Definite Matrices”.
  • Shmuel Aruchas: Ph.D. (Co-Supervisor I. Verner)
  • Felix Goldberg: Ph.D.
  • Alon Hadad: M.Sc.
  • Ovadia Debby: M.Sc.

 Postdoctoral Students

  • Xiao-Dong Zhang  1998-2000
  • Changquing Xu   2002-2003

 Visiting Ph.D. Students

  • Francesco Barioli, University of Padova  2000
  • Rade Stanojevich, The National University of Ireland 2004