Daoud Bshouty selected publications

 Selected Publications

  • S. K. Bar-Lev, D. Bshouty, P. Enis, G. Letac, I. Lu, and D. Richards The diagonal multivariate natural exponential families and their classification, J. Theoretical Probab. 7 (1994), 883-929.
  • D. Bshouty, W. Hengartner and T. SuezThe exact bound on the number of zeros of harmonic polynomials, J. D’Analyse Math.67 (1995), 207-218.
  • D. Bshouty, W. Hengartner and O. Hossian Harmonic typically real mappings., Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.119 (1996), 673-680.
  • D. Bshouty and N. Bshouty On learning arithmetic read-once formulas, (Preprint).
  • D. Bshouty and W. Hengartner Boundary values versus dilatations of harmonic mappings, (preprint).
  • S. Zacks, D. Perry, D. Bshouty and S. K. Bar-Lev Distributions of stopping times for compound Poissonprocesses with positive jumps and linear boundaries, (Preprint).